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Who are we looking for?

To be eligible to participate, you must meet the biobank’s participation criteria. As each JGH biobank specializes in different type(s) of cancer or in a particular therapy, we have different eligibility criteria. See the table below for more details.

We are also looking for individuals who have never been diagnosed with cancer. Samples and information collected from a cancer-free individual serve as an important control for research studies. If you are a healthy individual who has a medical file at the JGH and are looking for opportunities to contribute to cancer research, please contact directly the biobank of your interest.

JGH BiobankEligible participants

Central Biobank

  • Adults diagnosed with gastrointestinal cancer
  • Adults diagnosed with head and neck cancer
  • Adults with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)

Breast Cancer Biobank

  • Adults diagnosed with breast cancer

Gynecologic Cancer Biobank

  • Adults diagnosed with gynecologic cancer

Lymphoma Biobank

  • Adults diagnosed with lymphoma

Montreal Immune Related Adverse Events (MIRAE) Biobank

  • Cancer patients on immunotherapy as part of standard care or clinical trial
  • Adults with autoimmune or autoinflammatory diseases
McGill Clinical Genomics (McG) Biobank 
  • Adults with type 2 diabetes
  • Adults with coronary heart & vascular diseases
  • Adults with increased risk for breast cancer
  • Adults with COVID-19

What are the steps involved?

Here is the roadmap of a patient participating in the JGH biobank projects:

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