Brojde Centre Learning & Education

Learning and Education

The centre offers

  • Personalized learning tailored to the medical, healing and health-related needs of the patients and family
  • Group learning opportunities
  • Community outreach presentations on medical and healing-related topics
  • Professional learning and development in medical and healing disciplines

An important mandate of The Peter Brojde Lung Cancer Centre is to inform patients, healthcare providers,students and the public about the Centre. Patients receive an orientation to The Centre’s philosophy and goals, and learn about the possibilities for enhancing quality of life and wellness by blending medical treatments with healing therapies.During November Cancer Awareness week,a lecture dedicated to cutting-edge scientific discoveries, medical treatments and healing therapies in the field of lung cancer is held. Experts from around the world are invited to share their research and thinking about the most promising future directions in the treatment, health and healing of lung cancer patients.

There are numerous opportunities for professional growth and development at the centre
with regular Journal Clubs, workshops, and invited speakers dedicated to the latest basic and clinical research findings in the field of lung cancer. As an academic centre, we incorporate
research findings into our educational forums, so that new knowledge continues to find a wider audience. 

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