The Psychology Division

Director: Zeev Rosberger, Ph.D.

Psychologists began providing services at the Jewish General Hospital in the 1950's, at first staffed by one part-time psychologist. With the addition of new staff, a Psychology Section was constituted during the 1960's. The present Division of Psychology consist of 14 psychologists, of whom 4 are full-time. The number of interns varies from year to year, but may include up to 20 interns at any one time. Facilities include conference rooms, library, an audio-visual department and a computer facility.

The Psychology Division is a section within the Department of Psychiatry. Although much of the psychologists' service, teaching, and research functions are carried out in the Department of Psychiatry proper, Psychology participates in services and research of other hospital departments as well.

As professional psychologists, we feel that an intensive experience with clinical practice is necessary to allow one to function in any of the traditional and emerging roles assumed by the profession. In this sense, we feel the intern must be well-grounded in skills of evaluation and treatment with a variety of patients. Our theoretical orientations range from psychoanalytic to behavioural to more eclectic approaches. Regardless of the approach, we emphasize competence in assessing problem situations, in exercising sound judgment, and in effecting thoughtful solutions. Our goal is to develop flexible and adaptive clinicians. The career of Clinical Psychologist is an ongoing learning experience, for both the experienced professional or psychologist-in-training.

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