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9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Appointments: (514) 340 8222 x 23114-1 (Vandella Anderson)

Surgery: (514) 340 8222 x 23114-4 (Lianna Mantley)

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Pavilion E, 7th floor


Colposcopy Clinic
Daily surgical and medical gyn-oncology clinics
Cancer Genetic screening and prevention
Clinical research studies (Clinical Trials)
ERAS program (patient education animations)
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The Gynecologic Oncology program at the Segal Cancer Centre was established to concentrate exclusively on the study and treatment of gynecologic cancers, integrating prevention strategies, screening tools, detection methods, sophisticated diagnostic equipment, skillful pelvic and abdominal surgery, innovative chemotherapy/immunotherapy/targeted therapy protocols, hi-tech radiation therapy and best supportive care practices. Treatment of patients presenting with cancer of the vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, pelvis or peritoneum is being centralized by the team of gynecologic oncologists whose interdisciplinary approach allows for efficient and optimal patient care without the need for unnecessary and redundant examinations.

The program integrates the use of Colposcopy in screening for gynecologic abnormalities and cancers, as well as the use of cytology and pathology in screening and detecting anomalies of the lower genital tract. Patients are provided with in-depth information about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infections and its role in the development of pre-cancer and cancer. This clinic is also an essential setting to the promotion of the HPV vaccine among women.

Daily surgical and medical clinics are held at the Gynecologic Oncology program to screen, detect, diagnose, follow, and treat women with gynecologic cancer, where patients are assessed for surgery, medical therapy which includes chemotherapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and supportive care. Weekly tumour board conferences are held where the team members bring their unique perspectives and expertise to the discussion of individual cancer cases in order to elaborate the best treatment options available.

Since December 2007, the Gynecologic Oncology team has pioneered the introduction of computer assisted “Robotic” surgery in the surgical arsenal for gynecologic cancers, and has become a leader in the use of this minimal invasive technology in Canada. Patients’ progress deems promising and improved as compared to the standard surgical procedures. We have shown that hospitalization and recovery time have been significantly shortened, wound healing being remarkably improved given the reduced surgical invasion. Patients have reported a general improvement in quality of life and express an overall great satisfaction with its use.

Since 2018, ERAS-based (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) patient education animations have been provided by the team to patients prior to surgery, to help improve preparedness and promote easier recovery.

Genetic screening, crucial to all fields of oncology, is an integral part of the Gynecologic Oncology program and this service is provided by the Cancer Genetic Screening and Prevention team in collaboration with the Pathology Department.

Clinical research studies with the most evolved protocols are available to patients. In addition, basic research is conducted on the molecular aspects of gynecologic cancer development, and the application of new treatment modalities based on genetic engineering and translational research.

Essential to the optimal management and treatment of each individual patient are the multitude of skills present in the multifaceted team of highly trained professionals working continuously together and forming the “Gynecologic Oncology Unit”.

Healthcare professionals can find the treatment algorithms.

Administrative information

Medical Director: Walter Gotlieb, MD, PhD

Nurse Navigators: Nancy Drummond, RN, MSc(A), CON(C)

                                         Marina Kotseva, BScN, RN

Clinical Administrator: Lianna Mantley

Téléphone : (514) 340-8222 x 23114-4

Secretary/Appointments : Vandella Anderson

Téléphone : (514) 340-8222 x 23114-1

Gynecologic OncologistsMedical OncologistFamily Physician
Walter Gotlieb, MD, PhDKim Ma, MDEstelle Lorber, MD
Susie Lau, MDSurgical SpecialistsPalliative Care Experts
Shannon Salvador, MDCarol Ann Vasilevsky, MDJonathan Hudon, MD
Melica N. Brodeur, MDShannon Fraser, MDMichael Bouhadana, MD, CM, CCFP
Radiation OncologistsPathologistsGeneticist
Boris Bahoric, MDAlex Ferenczy, MDWilliam Foulkes, MB, PhD
Magali Lecavalier-Barsoum, MDManuela Pelmus, MDGenetic Counsellor
RadiologistsAnca Florea, MDNora Wong, MSc,CCGC
Mark Leventhal, MDTeddy S. Nagaria, MD, PhDGenetic Coordinator
Vincent Pelsser, MD Laura Hayes
PsychologistsHolistic Consultant
Melissa Henry, PhDSusan Wener
Sylvie Aubin, PhDHope & Cope Coordinator
NursesHinda Goodman, BSc, MSW
Sonia Brin, RN, and the Operating Room teamHope & Cope Volunteers
PhysiotherapistCathy Ammendolea
Natasha Grant, PhtMiriam Shuster
PharmacistGalina Dorfman
Marie-Pascale Guay, BPharm, MSc, BCOP 

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