What Happens AFTER the ICU

Discharge from MSICU to the ward

When your loved one no longer requires the specialized care provided in the MSICU, they will be transferred to a ward which best meets their needs. To smooth the transition, the team will do their best to recreate the ward environment within the MSICU (such as turning off monitors). Your loved one’s safety remains of upmost importance.  

Sometimes, the ICU team will continue to follow patients after discharge to the ward to ensure patients remain safe and on the right track to recovery.

Discharge from Hospital

Recovery can be slow. Ask the healthcare team what you should expect. It is very common for patients to require weeks or months of rehabilitation after an admission to the ICU. Many patients suffer from PICS or Post Intensive-Care Syndrome.

Approximately 50% of patients who are admitted to the ICU for 1 week, will develop PICS and 33% who require mechanical ventilation will develop PICS. The good news is that most symptoms do improve over time.

The following are symptoms which may occur: 

  • Difficulty sleeping, nightmares and “flashbacks”  
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss 
  • Depression and/or anxiety
  • Lack of energy

We encourage you to inform a member of the healthcare team if you have any of these feelings. We can provide the necessary support and guidance towards the appropriate resources. 

 More information on PICS.

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