Doctors' offices


Room G200
Fax 514-340-7546
email consults
(only for signed consultations)

Dr. Karl Weiss 514-340-8294
Chief, division of infectious diseases, JGH

Dr. Jerry Zaharatos 514-340-8294
Chief, microbioloby Optilab MUHC cluster


Dr. André Dascal 514-340-8294

Dr. Christina Greenaway 514-340-8222, poste 22933

Dr. Ling Kong 514-340-8222, poste 22933

Dr. Yves Longtin  514-340-8294

Dr. Matthew Oughton 514-340-8222, poste 22933

Dr. Leighanne Parkes 514-340-8222 poste 22933

Dr. Joseph Portnoy 514-342-3298 et 514-340-8222, poste 25103

Dr. Marty Teltscher 514-340-8222, poste 22933

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