“I couldn’t have too many question – was anxious to have them, but now, I have more questions (because I know more) to ask when I come for an appointment!”

“Very informative. SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED BEFORE! Thank you.”

“I know a lot more about glaucoma now than before this session.”

“Thank you so much. I appreciated the information, and the support. Keep up your good work and your efforts. They are needed and they are appreciated. Sometimes, it is so hard to take up your time when there are so many waiting to be examined AND we forget.”

“I will pass this information along to my family members. Thank you”

“Excellent presentation – great delivery – informative with just the right amount of humour!!! Many Thanks.”

“This session taught me a lot about eyes diseases my husband has glaucoma and could attend because, he cannot hear. Please repeat session like this. It needs to be more publicized. Thanks the medical companies for their funding : Alcon, Allergan, Pfiser and Merck Frost”

“I learned a lot. Thank you very much”

“I do not have glaucoma but, this session could be presented to other people”

“Excellent presentation! Thanks Marc, Carole & Dr. Kasner”

“I am very pleased for this session it explains so much about the eyes that I did not know. Thank you.”

“Happy to have been here for the important information and I thank you all for the invitation.”

“Thank you for the presentation. The care and attention that I have received… has been excellent.”

“I find the session very informative much appreciated”

“Thanks to the Doctors and nurse for the information it was received – well.”

“A good source of practical information”

“Continue – very good presentation by Marc Renaud and Carole Desharnais, Bravo! Bravo!”

“Excellent + informative + very professional!”

“Thank you for this opportunity to learn more about my condition. It is much appreciated”

“Well done! As a family member of somebody with glaucoma, helpful to see slides that shows me what «vision» of person with glaucoma is like”

“I did appreciate these informations very much. I learn a lot about glaucoma”

“I do not have glaucoma, and I find this session was excellent to relate to people who has this condition”

“Should also be very useful for close friends & family of patients”

“Concerns addressed, session very useful, many thanks!”

“Thank you for your time and energy.”

“One week ago, my ophthalmologist prescribed drops to prevent glaucoma – I take one drop at night every night, starting the night of my appointment – for the rest of my life. My ophthalmologist suggested I come to learn more about glaucoma.”

“It was good chance to come. More ads. For next occasion for this kind of session”

“The information would be especially beneficial for someone at the beginning of treatment. How to insert the drops is very important (and difficult at the beginning)”

“I wish I would have had this type of information before I got glaucoma…”

“Too bad used of medication was not explained to me twenty years ago”

“The session was very informative and well worth the time to attend”

“Session on glaucoma was an excellent informative time”

“Having seen the presentation twice – I feel it is even getting better !! …”

“Very pleasant atmosphere most instructive. I have learned a lot”

“Explication, atmosphère → technician; nurse. Très bien”

“Nice comparison to «Nintendo generation» - makes older people feel not that bad ☺about test. Very good emphasis en exercises, what are good/bad/habits etc, Bravo!”

“When will be the next one?”

“Thank you for the coffee”

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