Memory Clinic

How to reach us

Phone: 514-340-7501
Fax: 514-340-7547

Hours of operation

By appointement only

Where to find us

Pavilion E, Level S1 Room E S1100

Closest Entrance: 5767 Légaré Street


How can I get an appointment?
Ask your doctor for a "written" referral.
Have it faxed to: 514-340-7547.

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The Anna and Louis Goldfarb JGH/McGill memory Clinic has offered evaluation and treatment for people with Alzheimer's disease and related disorders since October 1991. 

 Memory Clinic Brochure


Evaluation, diagnosis, treatment and research.


Dr. Chenjie Xia

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Since 2002, the Jewish General Hospital/McGill University/Memory Clinic has been raising money through our softball team, the JGH Trailmakers. Our purpose is to promote awareness of this disease with the goal of raising funds. Our vision is to encourage support, alleviate the consequences of dementias, with an ultimate goal of striking out dementia. Since our inception, we have played softball games against pharmaceutical companies, technology companies, radio/television stations, and various firms. Our mission is to go outside the physical parameters of the clinic and embrace and connect with the community.

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If you would like to make any inquiries about donating or playing softball this summer to strike out dementia, please contact us.

Dr. Lennie Babins
Tel: 514-340-8222 local 24680

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