Users Committee

The Jewish General Hospital Users' Committee is an elected committee made up of users and family members of users.


   The mandate of the Users' Committee is:

  1. Inform users of their rights and obligations. 
  2. Foster the improvement of the quality of services and care. 
  3. Assess user satisfaction with regard to the services received from the hospital. 
  4. Defend the collective rights and interests of users before the hospital authorities. 
  5. Accompany and assist a user in resolving any dissatisfaction. 

The Users' Committee is specially formed to assist you, the users, of this hospital.

For further information please contact the Users' Committee:

Tel.: 514-340-8222, extension 23090


 Notice of election by acclamation

 Users' rights

 JGH Patients' Rights, Roles and Benefits

Apply for funding

As part of its activities, the Jewish General Hospital Users' Committee periodically issues a call for projects to support its mandate.


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