Stair climbing

Stairway to health

JGH News, Spring 2012

“I really have to get back to the gym.” “I need to lose 10 pounds.” “I get home so late that I don’t have the energy to work out.” Sound familiar? Then try this simple solution: step up and take the stairs.

The next time you’re at the elevator, glance left or right. Odds are there’s a staircase not far away. If you’re tempted to make excuses to take the elevator, remember: climbing two flights of stairs every day can add up to a loss of about six pounds a year. Want to raise the ante? Then walk up six flights a day, and you could lose nearly 18 pounds a year. 

Sheila Maislin, JGH Chief of Occupational Therapy, notes that taking the stairs offers other health advantages. For instance: 

  • It’s a great way to shed some work-related stress and arrive at your next destination a little more relaxed.
  • It’s usually faster, especially if you’re going up seven floors or less. 
  • It’s a very “green” way to exercise—good for you and the environment.
  • If you’re already a “stair-master”, maybe it’s time for the next step—literally. Charity stair-running races are held each year across North America. From the CN tower to Chicago’s Hancock Building, the sky’s the limit!

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