Caring Beyond

Do you know a staff member of the JGH who … 

  • has demonstrated extraordinary acts of kindness and compassion towards patients and their families?
  • has gone that extra mile?

JGH staff members, patients and their relatives, as well as other members of the public, are invited to nominate any JGH staff member who went above and beyond the call of duty.

Caring Beyond nomination


Riciel Madriage,  

Nurse, Oncology, November 2018

Alefia Merchant 

Nurse, Endocrinology, October 2018

André Charbonneau

Executive Assistant, Finance, September 2018

         Eddy Bien-Aimé
Assistant Head Nurse, Internal Medicine, May 2018
          James Shapiro
Project Manager, Technical Services, October 2017
       Rebecca Allen
Nurse, Emergency, September 2017
         Alain Foley
Nurse, Urology, May 2017
    Stephen Hennessy
Child Care Worker, March 2017
       Jacob Maman
Chief, Laundry & Linen Services, February 2017 
         Mark Flesch
Administrative Agent Class 2, January 2017

 Stephanie Diamond
PAB, December 2016

  Shellianne Williams
PAB. November 2016
    Maria Liza Rosales
PAB. November 2016
       Marcelle Kecman
Coordinator, Wellness Centre. September 2016
       Jennifer Douglas
Administrative Agent, Presurgical Screening Clinic. June 2016
             Ki Wan Bae
Technician, Radiation Oncology. May 2016

      Nancy Drummond
Nurse, Oncology. April 2016 

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             Lucie Tremblay
Assistant Head Nurse, Oncology. March 2016
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Terrence Gould
Housekeeping. February 2016

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  Brian Malubag
PAB. January 2016
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     Louis Thiffeault
 Security. December 2015

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     Moïse Colin
PAB. November 2015
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       Marie-France Bélanger
Nurse Clinician, Oncology. October 2015
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             Darron Jeffers
Administrative Agent, Radiology. September 2015
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          Anna Colacchio
Administrative Agent, Ophthalmology. May 2015 
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 Lauren Baer-Tenenbaum
 Social Services. April 2015
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            Alice Monette
Administrative Agent, Pulmonary. March 2015 

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          Tafari Mclean
Housekeeping. February 2015

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       Daniele Rioux
 Intermediate Clerk, ICFP. January 2015 

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       Bryan Highbloom
Music Therapist. December 2014 

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       Susan Rodgers
Transport Attendant. November 2014 

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         Isabel Pereira
Herzl- CRIU, Chief Administrator. October 2014 

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          Renata Benc
Clinical Nurse Specialist, Radio-Oncology. September 2014

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          Nenita Castillo
 PAB, Surgery. September 2014

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               Samuel Olivo
     Orderly, 6 North. May 2014 
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      Michel Robert Manceau       Evening unit agent, 6 West. May 2014


 Read about Mr. Nshimirimana in  Pulse

    Joseph Nshimirimana

       Security. April 2014

  Read about Ms. Pelletier in  Pulse.

Martha Pelletier
Nurse, Psychiatry. March 2014

 Read about Ms. Ziskin  Pulse.

Marina Ziskin
Administrative Assistant, Oncology. March 2014


                 Read about Ms. Hoang in  Pulse.

          Thi Hoang

Nurse, Radio-Oncology. Jan 2014 

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Debra Hyland
Nurse, Surgery. November 2013

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 Maria Di Narzo
Nurse, Endocrinology. October 2013

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Jean-Fritzner Personna
PAB, Palliative. August 2013

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 Vanessa McIntyre
Nurse, Emergency. July 2013

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