Childbirth fees

Childbirth fees for patients who are not eligible for the Quebec Health Insurance Plan

Tertiary obstetric and neonatal care

The Jewish General Hospital (JGH) is one of Montreal’s and Quebec’s leading tertiary-care obstetrical and neonatal centres. Its unit deals with high-risk obstetrical cases and provides level 3 care to newborns who are at about 23 weeks of gestation.

Affiliated with McGill University, the Obstetrics Department is one of the principal training sites for medical students and residents in the Obstetrics- Gynecology Residency Program. These individuals are an integral part of the care team, under the supervision of attending staff. Nurses are also available to provide care throughout the patient's stay.

The team in the JGH Birthing Centre includes obstetricians who are on duty 24 hours a day, usually on 12-hour shifts.

During the patient’s stay at the JGH, and for the duration of labour, more than one physician may provide care. The attending doctor on duty will be responsible for delivering the newborn. It is unlikely that the doctor who follows a patient's pregnancy will be the one who is present at the time of delivery, except in cases of a planned or scheduled cesarean section. The doctor on duty at the time will be responsible for performing an unscheduled or emergency caesarean section.

A number of family doctors at the JGH also practice obstetrics, which includes delivering babies. Care during pregnancy and delivery may be under their supervision. In case of complications or the need for a caesarean delivery, these doctors are able to consult the obstetrician on duty at any time.

Fees related to childbirth

Individuals who are not residents of Quebec* are not eligible for insured services. They must pay the fees for the services they receive. Only those with a valid Quebec health insurance card can receive insured services without payment.

Any non-Canadian, a Canadian citizen who has lost her Quebec residency status, and a Canadian citizen who is a resident of another Canadian province or territory and cannot demonstrate that she is covered by the hospital insurance plan in her province or territory of residence must pay for the services she receives.

The regulations of the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec establish the non-insured medical services and the billing rates when services are prescribed to a non-eligible person.

Ineligible persons are responsible for paying any applicable amounts at the time of their first hospital visit and before hospitalization**. Pre-arrangements for payment are available and should be made with the Accounts Receivable Department.

* Resident status: Within the meaning of sections 5 to 8 of the Health Insurance Act (RLRQ, chapter A-29) and its implementing regulation (RLQ, chapter A-29, r. 5).
** A hospitalization day is billed at midnight.

Fees of most common services

Hospital Fees *
Clinic or follow-up visit (per visit)$168.75
Adult hospitalization$4,503 per day


Professional fees

* Hospital fees are determined by the Ministry of Health and Social Services and are based on establishment expenses related to operational and support activities, such as nursing care, meal distribution, and hygiene.

Prices are in effect until March 31, 2024.

 Childbirth fees.pdf

Fee Structure

This fee structure is provided as a guide only. The number of hospitalization days may vary.


Non-Complicated Delivery 

Complicated Delivery 

Daily rate – Adult hospitalization



Hospitalization days

Total billable to adult



Outpatient services1 (prenatal) – Hospital fee only



Professional fees (OBGYN)



Professional fees (anesthesia)2



Required deposit3





  1. Includes the hospital fee for outpatient services, such as consultations with a doctor, ultrasounds, et lab tests. Note that the doctor’s professional fees for consultations and/or for ultrasounds are in addition to the hospital fee and have to be paid to the doctor, in cash, on the day of the appointment and before the service is rendered. Moreover, these fees vary and depend on the pregnancy’s complexity.
  2. If applicable.
  3. Any credit balance will be reimbursed, by check, in the name of the adult hospitalized.

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