Dr. André Aisenstadt


In addition to serving as President, Dr. André Aisenstadt played a key role in establishing the hospital’s Foundation in 1969. He also sponsored the Annual André Aisenstadt Clinical Day, an international gathering of experts in a variety of medical fields, that continues to this day.

Dr. Aisenstadt obtained his Ph.D in mathematics and theoretical physics from the Zurich Polytechnic University, where he studied under Albert Einstein. After immigrating to Canada in 1939 and then joining the JGH, he served as Chairman of the hospital’s Real Estate and Building Committees.

Dr. Aisenstadt also made a notable contribution as a Governor of Hebrew University, President of the Clinical Research Institute of Montreal, and a member of the executive of the University of Montreal. In addition, he was responsible for creation of the U of M’s Mathematics Research Centre. In recognition of his contributions, Dr. Aisenstadt was named to the Order of Quebec in 1991.

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