Stephen A. Vineberg

STEVEN A. VINEBERG, 1991 - 1993

Stephen Vineberg’s efforts on behalf of the JGH has been extensive, not only as President of the Board, but as President of the Foundation in 1994 and Chairman of the Building Committee in 1984, as well as extensive work with the Herzl Family Practice Centre.

In recognition of his contribution to ensuring excellence in patient care, research and funding, Mr. Vineberg received the hospital’s Distinguished Service Award in 2002.

Mr. Vineberg’s community involvement has included the Young Adult Division of Federation CJA and the Baron de Hirsch Institute.

He has been active in the development of the Research Foundation for the Department of Oncology at McGill University and its related hospitals.

Mr. Vineberg is also a co-founder and co-president of the Tolerance Foundation, a non-profit and non-partisan organization whose mission is to prevent and make the public aware of the negative impact of intolerance, prejudice, racism, exclusion and discrimination in our society.

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