Rick Dubrovsky

 Rick Dubrovsky, 2011-2014

"In the late 1990s, when Rick Dubrovsky was invited to lend his abilities to strengthening the leadership of the Jewish General Hospital, he realized he had some hard thinking to do. He felt strongly that volunteering his time and expertise—even to a modest degree at first—was not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Nor was this a pastime to be picked up and discarded on a whim. He believed that saying “yes”, even at that early stage, meant committing himself to years of service.

However, Mr. Dubrovsky did say “yes”—a fateful decision that has now culminated in his becoming President of the JGH Board of Directors.

“What helped me all those years ago was the unshakeable feeling that this was an institution I could really devote myself to,” says Mr. Dubrovsky, whose term began in July. “Here is a hospital that touches so many lives, directly or indirectly. I couldn’t think of another organization where I would get a greater sense of satisfaction in making a contribution.”

Mr. Dubrovsky, 60, was born and raised in Montreal, attended local schools and was a student at Sir George Williams University (since absorbed into Concordia). From there, he went straight into his family’s real estate business, which he now runs and where he has spent nearly 40 years.

His recruitment into the ranks the JGH was the result of an invitation by Steven Cummings, C.M., hospital President from 1995 to 1997. Given Mr. Dubrovsky’s professional skills, he was a natural fit for the Construction and Real Estate Committees. That eventually led to his appointment as Chairman of the JGH Foundation and Vice-President of the hospital board.

In addition, Mr. Dubrovsky assisted the City of Montreal for several years in its real estate activities. He is also a former founder and director of a publicly traded Canadian real estate investment trust (REIT), and has been active in various charities and community organizations.

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