Caring Beyond

This project recognizes staff for their exemplary service above and beyond their job description. Recognized staff have contributed to improving JGH for patients and their families. Nomination forms can be picked up in room C-107 or in the Human Resource office A-112 or on the Caring Beyond page.


Bookmarks are quick references specific to unit information, available on some units. Included on these bookmarks are: pavilion,name of the head nurse and the phone number of the main desk on that floor. The name,phone number and email address of the hospital’s Ombudsman are also included.

 Download the full-size bookmark (PDF)

Print the  evaluation form (PDF), fill it out and drop it off at the Nursing Resource Center in C-107.

My surgery

To help you and your family prepare for your upcoming surgery, HOC offers you a video that provides: a visual tour of the pre-operational clinic,operating room and recovery area;a description of the pre-op tests and admission procedures you will go through;identification of the healthcare professionals who will interact with you;and an overview of post-op and discharge information.  You are encouraged to view this video.

Patient Comfort

This committee in collaboration with the Auxiliary Committee and the department of nurses seeks to further enhance the comfort of the patients while in the hospital such as warming blankets, magazines and other measures of comfort for patients. We are always seeking new ideas.

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