Big wheels keep on turnin’

JGH News, Spring 2013

Look out the window and breathe a sigh of relief: the sweet signs of spring are popping up. Patches of snow are giving way to brown—soon to be green—grass. Birds that had wintered down south are again welcoming the day with their chirping. All of which makes us want to spend more time outdoors—and how better than on a pair of wheels? So pretend you’re the leader of the pack, pull on your yellow jersey, and enjoy the perks of pedal power, whether your route is on the Champs Elysées or the Lachine Canal. Just consider the health benefits:

  • Biking is good for your sex life. According to studies from the United States, physical activity improves your vascular health, while boosting your sex drive. 
  • Biking is a good way to lose weight. Not only is the exercise great, but it keeps your metabolism ramped up, even after your ride is over.
  • Biking keeps you sane. Like most rigorous exercise, biking decreases stress levels by naturally releasing endorphins and leaving you calmer afterwards. Jacki Raboy-Thaw, JGH Nurse Coordinator in Intensive Care, calls cycling “peaceful. It gives me the ability to put my day and my thoughts into perspective. It lets me download my brain.”
  • Biking is good for the environment. Did you know that 20 bicycles can fit into the parking space for a single car? Plus it takes a fraction of the resources and energy to manufacture a bike as to make a car.

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