Strategic Mandates

Strategic Mandates

Communications with Patients and Families

Our mandate is to advance information sharing and support the importance of respectful, timely, pertinent and consistent communications throughout the hospital. Communication standards, for a multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary environment, which focus on the patients and their families, are the basis of our efforts.

Patient-Centric Interactions with the Public

Patient-centric criteria with respect to appointments, diagnostic services, admissions, discharges and directions will support the hospital’s commitment to patient-centric systems and processes.

Hospital Environment and Facilities: Humanization of Care Stamp of Approval

Security, cleanliness, maintenance, furnishings and supplies should be continuously monitored and improved to meet patient-centric standards. Familiarity with and awareness of projects that impact patient care undertaken by other departments/groups within the hospital is an on-going priority.

Maximizing the Potential of Technology

To help place the patient at the center, our mandate is to liaise with IT, since technology and its applications can be the medium for the enhancement of hospital/patient/family interactions. 

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