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The JGH’s care units are getting a makeover!

February 2023 - Starting shortly and continuing until 2028, the Jewish General Hospital will be renovating care units in Pavilions B, C and D. It will also be upgrading the Medical Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Departments, and building a new main pharmacy.

The work will:

  • Renovate the existing spaces
  • Bring non-compliant spaces up to standard
  • Eliminate three- to four-bed rooms and convert them into single or double rooms in all care units
  • Redesign areas with major functional deficiencies
  • Adapt the existing infrastructure to better accommodate an aging population
  • Prevent and control infections
  • Provide increased flexibility in case of a pandemic

The following units will be affected*:

Postpartum (8CD)

Internal Medicine (7CD)

Family Medicine (6CD)

Orthopedics and Surgery (5BCD)

Palliative Care (4B)

Geriatrics (4BCD)

Oncology (3C)

Nuclear Medicine (SSG)

Pharmacy (new construction)

Medical Imaging (2CD)



* The locations in parentheses indicate the future location of these units.


In addition to these units, the work will include renovations to the mechanical infrastructure, including plumbing, ventilation, electrical distribution and seismic infrastructure.

This major project will begin with the renovation of the Postpartum Unit, which will eventually be located on the 8th floor of Pavilions C and D. The teams are expected to get started as early as the week of February 20, with the relocation of about 20 patients who are now on the 7th floor of Pavilion D. This move will minimize the impact of the work on the activities of 7CD.

This undertaking is known as “Phase 4”—the latest in a series of major improvements that began in 2010 with the planning process to build Pavilion K. It led to the launch of the new Emergency Department in 2014, followed by Critical Care and the related care units in 2016, all located in Pavilion K.

Pavilion A lobby is getting a makeover!

July 2022 - The Technical Services team will begin a major project to refurbish the lobby of Pavilion A at the Jewish General Hospital. Until mid-June 2023, the entrance of Pavilion A will be closed 24 hours a day, seven days a week

This will include upgrading the overall appearance of the first and second floors, fixing the concrete slab that is causing water infiltration in the employee lounge in the basement, and replacing the outdated front doors.  

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