Nurse Clinicians

Nurse clinicians play a vital role on urology team

Nursing plays a vital role in the comprehensive clinical and psychological care provided by the Department of Urology. Acting as liaison, educator, support person and care coordinator, the urology nurse clinician is the key link between physician and patient, ensuring that each patient receives first-rate care in a compassionate manner.

The nurses’ responsibilities include helping to educate newly diagnosed patients and their loved ones about a particular disease and the treatment options available, as well as providing them with emotional support and facilitating access to psychosocial and community resources.

Nurse clinicians are an integral part of the multidisciplinary prostate cancer clinic operated by the Department of Urology, where urologists, radiation oncologists and nursing staff meet with patients and family members one-on-one to discuss their cases. The nurse clinician also is responsible for follow-up contact with the patient to ensure that the care and treatment approach outlined during the clinic remains on track and is going according to plan.

Our amazing team of nurses includes:

  • Alain Foley B.Sc.N – Team Leader
  • Josee Davignon B.Sc.N
  • Carmen Fournier B.Sc.N
  • Isabelle Gregoire B.Sc.N
  • Johane Lacroix RN
  • Nathlie Maher B.Sc.N
  • Johana Zepada B.Sc.N

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