Pregnant? Looking for a doctor?

Below is a list of specialist Obstetrician Gynecologists associated with our hospital. All of these doctors are members of our obstetrical team. We provide care to pregnant women for prenatal care and delivery. Please note that not all doctors may be accepting new patients at any given time.

The Family Medicine Obstetrics Group is also accepting pregnant women for low risk pregnancy follow-up and delivery. We are dedicated team of family physicians with a special interest in maternal-child health.

Dr. Haim Abenhaim514-340-8271
Dr. Haitham Baghlaf514-340-8271
Dr. Samantha Benlolo514-340-8085 or 514-819-6649
Dr. Noura Hassan514-842-4497 or 514-938-5535
Dr. Hing Hum514-738-5621
Dr. Stephanie Klam514-340-8271
Dr. Lawrence Koby514-340-8271
Dr. Marie-France Lachapelle514-739-1309
Dr. Jaclyn Madar514-340-8085 or 514-373-3562
Dr. Violaine Marcoux514-340-8271
Dr. Markus Martin514-735-3122
Dr. Louise Miner514-340-8271
Dr. Luis Monton514-939-3099
Dr. Thuy Nguyen514-731-0554
Dr. Patrick O'Farrell514-340-8271
Dr. Roberta Shear514-340-8271
Dr. Janet Shinder514-735-6331
Dr. Josée Truchon514-342-5200
Dr. Cleve Ziegler514-340-8271

Affiliated members

  • Dr. Jacques Balayla: 514-735-6331

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