The Adult Psychiatry Day Treatment Program

Location: 3755 Côte Sainte-Catherine Road, Pavilion B, 6th floor


The Adult Psychiatry Day Treatment Program is a structured eight-week, intensive therapeutic program aimed at promoting recovery and reducing in-patient admission for individuals with a range of acute mental health problems. The program seeks to help patients resolve their immediate crisis, regain function and reintegrate into the community. It operates within a holistic, patient-centred and psychotherapeutic framework. It is open four days a week, five hours a day. Patients have access to a series of therapeutic modalities, as well as to an interdisciplinary team of mental health professionals. The Adult Psychiatry Day Treatment Program is part of the Elspeth McConnell Mental Health and Wellness Centre.

Role of Occupational Therapy in the Day Treatment Program

Occupational Therapy Group:

Clients attend the Occupational Therapy group on a weekly basis and work on individual cognitive-oriented projects or tasks which are selected and graded according to each individual’s present needs. Each week, a different theme related to cognition as it relates to day-to-day functioning will be discussed (i.e. memory, attention/concentration, problem-solving, and self-regulation), as well as a series of cognitive strategies related to the theme.

Different interventions used in the group can be:

  • Cognitive exercises (pen and paper: Sudoku, crossword etc,; or Task-based: wood burning, mosaic/tiling, knitting, etc.)
  • Education on cognitive strategy application in function/activity
  • Computerized cognitive training program
  • Reflective journal applicable to all tasks/exercises/projects
  • Self-questionnaires

Occupational Therapy session in Day Treatment Program

Examples of Multi-step Projects in Day Treatment Program

Cognitive training through computer exercises during Occupational Therapy session

Other Groups

Occupational therapists also facilitate, or co-facilitate many of the other groups in the program, including:

  • The leisure group
  • The life skills group
  • The creativity group
  • And the community meeting

For more information, please see the Adult Psychiatry Day Treatment Program  Pamphlet.

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