Research Activities

Occupational therapists in psychiatry from the JGH contribute to different research activities and publications.

Ongoing research activities

Masters’ level research projects at McGill University:

Since September 2009, the Occupational Therapists at the JGH have been submitting research topics for Master's level projects, to be completed by occupational therapy students in the program. Each year, Occupational Therapists from the Department of Psychiatry collaborate with these students to work on various research projects, some of which get presented to conferences, and are entered for publications.

Our recent research projects include:

YearTopicIndiviudals Involved
2018How Do Psychosocial Occupational Therapy Groups Shape the Experience of Daily Life Among Individuals With Severe Mental Illness?

Students : Naomie Geneau, Esther Levy,
Samantha Spector and Hannah Woolley

Clinical Supervisors: Suzanne Rouleau and Aileen Castro
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Laurence Roy

2018Keeping Score with the COPM: Benefits and Pitfalls of Occupational Therapy Assessments in Outpatient Mental HealthStudents : Owen Hortop, Curtis Lo, Julia Catalfamo, and Elizabeth Jacob-Goldman.
Clinical Supervisors: Suzanne Rouleau
Faculty Supervisor: Dr. Heather Lambert
2018Functional Benefits of Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in Older Adults with Mental Health Diagnoses

Students : William Maccaul, Sevia Raelson, Veronika Svistkova, and Angélique Tran

Clinical Supervisors: Allana Goodman
Faculty Supervisor: Patricia Belchior

Previous completed projects included

  • the development of a driving assessment tool

  • a cross Canada survey on the use of standardized and on-standardized assessments in OT in mental health

  • the design of an observation scale to mesure targeted areas of OT interventions

  • a retrospective chart study on the return to work rate in client seen in OT

Articles published, or as co-authors, by clinical occupational therapists of the JGH:

  • Gobeil, J., Larivière, N., Carrier, A., Bier, N., Bottari, C., Veillette, N., Rouleau, S., Gélinas, I., Provencher, V., Couture, M., & Levasseur, M. (2019, in press). Portrait des pratiques évaluatives des ergothérapeutes œuvrant au Québec. Revue Canadienne d'Ergothérapie.
  • Rouleau, S., Dion, K., & Korner-Bitensky, N. (2015). Assessment practices of Canadian occupational therapists working with adults with mental disorders: Les pratiques d’évaluation des ergothérapeutes canadiens travaillant auprès d’adultes atteints de troubles mentaux. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 82(3), 181-193.
  • Park, M. M., Zafran, H., Stewart, J., Salsberg, J., Ells, C., Rouleau, S., Estein, O., & Valente, T. W. (2014). Transforming mental health services: A participatory mixed methods study to promote and evaluate the implementation of recovery-oriented services. Implementation Science, 9(1), 119.
  • Ménard, I., Benoit, M., Boulé-Laghzali, N., Hébert, M. C., Parent-Taillon, J., Pérusse, J., Rouleau, S., & Korner-Bitensky, N. (2012). Occupational therapists’ perceptions of their role in the screening and assessment of the driving capacity of people with mental illnesses. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 28(1), 36-50.
  • Majnemer, A., Shikako‐Thomas, K., Chokron, N., Law, M., Shevell, M., Chilingaryan, G., Poulin, C., & Rosenbaum, P. (2010). Leisure activity preferences for 6‐to 12‐year‐old children with cerebral palsy. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 52(2), 167-173.
  • Rouleau, S., Mazer, B., Ménard, I., & Gautier, M. (2010). A survey on driving in clients with mental health disorders. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 26(1), 85-95.
  • Rouleau, S., Saint-Jean, M., Stip, E., & Fortier, P. (2009). The impact of a pre-vocational program on cognition, symptoms, and work re-integration in schizophrenia. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 25(1), 26-43.
  • Ménard, I., & Korner-Bitensky, N. (2008). Fitness-to-Drive in persons with psychiatric disorders and those using psychotropic medications: A systematic review. Occupational Therapy in Mental Health, 24(1), 47-64.
  • Rouleau, S., & Therriault, P. Y. (2008). Étude rétrospective d'une pratique d'évaluation de la conduite automobile en santé mentale adulte. Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 75(4), 230-237.
  • Ménard, I., Korner-Bitensky, N., Dobbs, B., Casacalenda, N., Beck, P. R., Gélinas, I., Molnar, F., & Naglie, G. (2006). Canadian psychiatrists' current attitudes, practices, and knowledge regarding fitness to drive in individuals with mental illness: A cross-Canada survey. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, 51(13), 836-846.
  • Rouleau S., Therriault P.-Y., & Laplaine, M. (2000). L’évaluation de la conduite automobile dans le cadre d’une pratique ergothérapique en santé mentale. Revue Québécoise d’Ergothérapie, 9(1), 29-34.
  • Bond, M., Christopher, J. C., Gautier, M., Goldenberg, M., Oppenheimer, J., & Simand, J. (1989). Validating the self-report of defense styles. Journal of Personality Disorders, 3(2), 101-112.

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