Nursing Practice

Nurses practice in an academic, interprofessional environment that is distinguished by its knowledge driven and collaborative approach in caring for patients, families and their significant others.

Guided by the McGill Model of Nursing, the primary goal of nursing at the JGH is to promote the health and well-being of patients and families by providing comfort, reducing stress and relieving suffering while promoting patient strengths, coping abilities and mobilizing their resources.

The Council of Nurses serves as a formal consultative body and a voice for Nursing and Nurses. All Nurses are encouraged to take an active role as a member of the Council of Nurses and contribute to providing evidence-based, high quality Nursing care.

Nurses are actively involved in the JGH Quality Program, co-chaired by the Director of Nursing and the Director of Professional Services. The focus is to measure performance and rapidly develop action plans that improve the safety and quality of care for patients and their families.

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