Nursing Education

The JGH Department of Nursing is strongly committed to lifelong education, from fostering supportive clinical experiences for our nursing students and tailoring orientation programs to facilitate the integration of new staff members, to developing courses and certifications to advance skills at all levels of nursing practice. In addition to unit-based and hospital-wide education programs and workshops, each clinical area has dedicated professional development staff who provide guidance and support, and who are there to address the learning needs of the nursing staff. Further, the JGH highly values interprofessional collaboration, and education is a priority for all team members.

Through long-standing partnerships with McGill University, the University of Montreal, the University of Ottawa, and with many CEGEPs, we’ve invested in creating learning environments that benefit student nurses and staff alike. We are proud to welcome over 650 students each year and to offer further clinical experience through the Nursing Extern Program. Preparation for the licensing exam, French language courses, bursaries for undergraduate education, and opportunities for certification through the Canadian Nurses Association are some of the many ways in which we promote education of our nursing staff.

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