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Internships are available at the practicum and pre-doctoral levels. The goal of practicum level training is to develop the basic clinical skills of the trainee, by getting a "clinical feel" of the setting and patients, working with supervisors, and participating as a member of a team. The emphasis is on patient contact, in the context of evaluation and an introduction to various forms of interventions. The pre-doctoral level internships focus on specialized assessment and intervention methods, such as individual psychodynamic psychotherapy, family therapy, cognitive-behavioural therapy and behavioural medicine, and neuropsychology. There is ample opportunity for participation in research projects.

Practicum level training is usually offered during the summer months (beginning of May to end of August for a four-month period). Part-time practica may be held during the course of the academic year. Pre-doctoral internship time blocks are flexible. These may include the full-year- or eight-month internship, which can be completed on a full or half-time basis. The internship requirements are indicated for each service.

Occasionally it is possible to combine internships, allowing students to gain experience in two settings. This depends on the availability of supervising staff and the number of students accepted into each section.

In addition to service activities, interns have several additional learning opportunities available to them. These include academic rounds in psychiatry and psychology, special lectures and conferences by visiting mental health professionals, and individual and group psychotherapy seminars. The Psychology Division sponsors an annual clinical psychology symposium - the Elliott Sokoloff Clinical Day - where we invite a renowned psychologist. Seminars are also given by our staff psychologists on topics pertaining to the work they do in their specific service(s).

Supervision and Evaluation

Full-time interns normally receive 2 to 4 hours of supervision weekly. Once a year each student will meet individually with two staff members in order to discuss the student's progress and to solicit his or her personal evaluation of the supervision received and general perceptions of the overall internship setting.


Full-time pre-doctoral interns will receive a $1,000 honorarium, and half-time pre-doctoral interns will receive $500.

No stipend is available for the summer practica.

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