IPAC - Hand Hygiene

IPAC - Hand Hygiene

Hand  Hygiene

Hand hygiene seems simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye. 

Guiding principles


  1. Health care associated infections (HAIs) cause significant morbidity and mortality. At least 30% of HAIs  can be prevented with the following infection prevention strategies. 
  2. Each health care worker (HCW) plays a vital role in infection prevention and control strategies which are designed to  protect patients, staff and the community


The Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) has partnered with Discovery Campus to create Canada’s Hand Hygiene Challenge online learning module to help individuals and healthcare organizations improve infection control.

The hand hygiene e-learning module, available at  www.handhygiene.ca, is a fun and interpretative way to learn, providing education on proper hand hygiene techniques, including the four moments for hand hygiene.  The free online module, including a quiz, takes only 15 minutes to complete and provides a certificate upon successful completion. Upon completion of the e-learning module you  will be able to.....


  • Describe what  is hand hygiene
  • Explain why  hand hygiene is important
  • Describe when hand hygiene is to  be performed
  • Describe hand hygiene methods and demonstrate the steps of all methods
  • Describe factors that  impact  the effectiveness of hand hygiene 

Take the course today! Visit  http://cpsi.discoverycampus.com to use the e-learning module.


At  the JGH every  health care worker must submit proof of having completed their e-learning module  certificate. Accreditation Canada also  recommends that  all HCW's re do  the hand hygiene e-learning module once per accreditation cycle.  




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