As a further commitment to providing humane care and support to the patients and their families and visitors in the Emergency department – a volunteer project was developed.

We have initiated this humanization program to develop a large team of volunteers trained to support the patients and their families during the Emergency Department experience.

The presence of the team of volunteers has made an enormous impact. They offer comfort, support, and information.

Who are these special people? Men and women who take time (as one volunteer put it) to “give back what the SMBD Jewish General Hospital gave to me - my life”. Young men and women who wish to enter the healthcare field, and want to experience it firsthand.

This exciting program has attracted several extremely qualified caring individuals. Currently one hundred men and women have completed the four week orientation training and are working in the Emergency Department. The trainers are all experienced emergency department volunteers.

The volunteers are an integral part of the functioning of the Emergency Department and have made an enormous difference for the patient and their families from entry in Triage to discharge either home or admission to the hospital.

Volunteers can be seen giving information, support, explanations and comfort to patients and their families or visitors. They can be spotted delivering and picking up charts or information – making telephone calls for families – directing patients to appropriate areas in the department – holding a hand – just being there….

Recognition for the one of its kind in Canada program was awarded for the excellence of the “Urgence Presence Emergency Department Volunteer Program – given from the Canadian Association of Volunteers.

Would you like to be a member of a cohesive team who possess the following qualities – kindness, empathy, understanding, respect, good judgement, integrity, a sense of humor, positive attitude, excellent communication skills, maturity and patience, team spirit, interest in learning and a genuine concern for the patients and their families entering the Emergency Department. If so – contact the Jewish General Hospital Volunteer Department.


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