Child Psychiatry Services

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The child psychiatry department of the Jewish General Hospital consists of several interdisciplinary teams, including the Early Childhood Disorders program, the Day Treatment program and the Out-Patient/Evening Hospital program. Together these teams provide services for children between 5 and 12 years of age.

An occupational therapist is assigned to each of the interdisciplinary teams. The role of the occupational therapist is to screen for difficulties that children may experience in their daily living activities, both at home and at school. Specifically they will address activities such as dressing, grooming, eating, bedtime routine, homework and play. If needed, the occupational therapist will further assess the underlying sources for their difficulties, in terms of:

  • Gross motor skills (running, jumping, ball manipulation, etc.)
  • Fine motor skills (writing, cutting, buttoning, etc.)
  • Sensory processing skills (taking in sensory stimuli and responding to it adequately)
  • Visual-perceptual skills (recognition of shapes, colors, objects, positions in space, etc.)
  • Organizational skills (strategies used to organize oneself in the environment)
  • Behaviour (promoting skills for listening and following directions)
  • Social skills (fostering social play skills and promoting appropriate peer interactions).

    The information gathered throughout the evaluation process contributes to the development of an individualized treatment plan for the child and allows the occupational therapist to provide recommendations for both parents and teachers to promote optimal participation of the child in his activities.

    Please refer to the attached  pamphlet for more information.

    Occupational Therapy Rooms

    Sensory stimulation activity during an Occupational Therapy session

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