The Recovery Program

Location: Institute of Community and Family Psychiatry, 4333 Côte-Ste-Catherine Road

The Recovery Program is an out-patient service consisting of many group-based treatments for persons with any mental health condition that seriously impairs their ability to lead meaningful lives. The aim of the program is to promote recovery, community integration and improved quality of life for these individuals. It is an out-patient service of the psychiatry department of the JGH and is composed of Occupational Therapists, a Nurse Clinician, and an Adult Education Teacher. The program provides time-limited, comprehensive treatment interventions for adults and youth (in conjunction with the Youth Service).

The goals of the Recovery Program are to:

  • Improve quality of life
  • Facilitate integration to community resources
  • Increase performance in daily functioning
  • Support change and adaptation
  • Promote recovery

Occupational Therapy in the Recovery Program

The Occupational Therapists play a key role in the Recovery Program as they run 4 of the groups offered under this service, and take a unique approach that focuses on improving daily functioning through the topics covered in the groups and the various interventions provided. The types of interventions can include:

  • Group-based treatment to promote skills acquisition and development through the use of skills training and direct skills teaching
  • Individual sessions to follow up on group integration and provide supportive interventions as needed.
  • Consultation/Education with families as needed
  • Situational/functional assessments

Recovery Groups run by Occupational Therapists

  • Road to Recovery: aims to help individuals in the process of "Recovery" by learning coping and empowerment strategies using a workbook.
  • Readiness to Work : for individuals who wish to prepare themselves for (re)integrating into work, school or volunteering
  • Cognitive Remediation: for individuals who are experiencing difficulties with their cognitive skills, and who wish to have support in developing compensatory strategies in order to prepare themselves for employment or school integration. Activities for this group include using a computer software, reflection journals and regular take home assignments.
  • 360º of Wellness, Youth: aims to provide youth with support during their transition into adulthood, as well as promote their autonomy in various life skills, socialization, weekly structure and support from peers through therapeutic activity, education, and group discussion.

Please see the  Recovery Program Pamphlet for more details on the many groups being offered. Groups offered on a rotating basis, and timings are subject to change. A referral is required from a health care professional for each of these groups.

Cognitive training through computer exercises during Cognitive Remediation Group

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