Couple and Family Therapy Service

Director: Dr. Sharon Bond

Location: ICFP - Room G-12

To Reach Us: 514-340-8222 Local 21219

General Information

  • The Couple and Family Therapy Section provides couple and family therapy for families presenting with a wide range of couple and family problems including family members with acute and chronic psychiatric illness. Couple and family therapy is a considered a form of psychotherapy for individual, couple and family distress that places primary emphasis on the family system with the aim of affecting change in the entire family structure.The treatment places its focus on family communication, interactional problems, conflict between members with the goal of improved individual and family functioning. Length of treatment can vary form short to longer-term therapy depending on the nature of the presenting problem. The Couple and Family Service uses a team approach, that is families/couples are interviewed by a therapist with the team members observing behind a one-way mirror which allows for immediate consultation from a team of experts.
  • Referrals for couple and family therapy are available to patients who live both within and outside the sector of the Department of Psychiatry. The Family Section team will discuss all requests for treatment with the family members in order to find the therapy which is appropriate to the family's needs. If these needs cannot be met by the Family Section, the team will direct the family to alternative community resources. All couples and families evaluated in the service are invited to participate in the couple/family research protocol offered through the Couple and Family section. Please forward all referrals to Rosa Cautillo.

For more information on the Couple and Family Training Program, please visit the Couple and Family Therapy Training website.

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