Student Nurses and Externs

a) Partnerships with Universities and Colleges

As an active academic McGill university teaching hospital, the hospital joins its many partners to serve as a learning community. The corridors and patient-care units are complemented by student nurses from university and CEGEP programs. Over 700 students from all academic settings are warmly welcomed into the many and varied departments twelve months of the year.

With the goal of promoting excellent, humanistic nursing care, nurses working in the hospital are full partners in the acceptance and teaching support to the numbers of students who come to learn and practice.

Scholarly activity, education and research is encouraged and supported throughout the Department of Nursing. In this manner of leadership, students are encouraged to participate in all Nursing Grand Rounds, seminars, presentations and courses that are on-going throughout the year. On patient-care units, students are partnered with nurses and are active participants in care planning and the decision making regarding their patients. Ultimately, the promotion and recognition of professional excellence in nursing will benefit the health of the community at large.

Nurses are supported by their managers and directors to further their education towards a baccalaureate, masters or doctoral degree. Whenever possible, these nurses are encouraged to use the dimensions of the hospital to fulfill their requirements such as clinical rotations and research activities. Academic achievements are celebrated on the units and throughout the hospital.

b) Externships and Studentships

Every year, the Jewish General Hospital is fortunate to welcome student nurses into its Externship Program. This program, introduced by the OIIQ, is an opportunity for student nurses who have successfully completed two full years of their academic program to partner with their nurse colleagues for the summer in a hospital setting. It is a program that allows students to consolidate their learning and skills in a clinical area, network, gain confidence and experience, and work in partnership with the interprofessional health care team.

 OIIQ Nursing Extern

Our program begins with a full day of general orientation followed by an intensive unit-based orientation supervised by a preceptor. The orientation includes a review of the conditions of practice for externs determined by the OIIQ. These conditions are clearly explained on their website at

Externs who wish to continue the externship beyond the summer are encouraged to return to the unit over the winter holiday period.

Student nurses who have spent the summer with us have expressed the following statements in their evaluations:

“The staff on my unit was supportive in answering questions, educational needs and concerns that I had.”

“My experience improved my knowledge and confidence with “hands on” nursing skills.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my externship at the Jewish General Hospital. The staff was supportive and fostered a good learning environment.”

“The Extern Program has confirmed to me that nursing is where I should be. Thank you.”

“The externship was a great experience, which increased my confidence and hands on skills. Everyone should participate because it is an amazing experience. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

If you wish to apply, please visit our Careers section. We accept applications between September and January for the subsequent Summer season.

c) Resources for me as a student or extern

There are a number of resources to support you while you are working or studying at the JGH: orientation programs and resources, preparation for the licensing exam, JGH Health Sciences Library.

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