Tumor Boards

A second set of eyes for your case

A Tumor Board is a multidisciplinary group composed of doctors from different specialities such as pathologists, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgical oncologists, as well as other health care professionals. They come together to review patients’ medical history and any new findings in order to help determine the best treatment plan for each patient.

By getting a second opinion from health care professionals with different medical backgrounds, tumor boards can provide fresh perspectives and propose treatment recommendations that are most adapted to each individual case. Tumor boards also play an important role in identifying and matching patients to clinical trials that are underway at the Clinical Research Unit (CRU) and the Clinical Research Program (CRP) of the JGH. In addition to helping find the best treatment option, some tumor boards also help manage treatment-related issues during patients’ active treatment.

At the Jewish General Hospital, tumor boards can be divided into three categories: each of them focuses on a specific type of cancer, therapy, or group of patients.

Note: Molecular tumor board profiles patients for genetic alterations and helps find appropriate clinical trials based on the specific biomarkers characterizing their tumours. The  CAPTUR trial is one example of the clinical trials which target the effects of abnormal gene changes. 

For patients

Some tumor boards review every new case, while others focus on complex cases for which a doctor seeks input from other experts. For patients who wish to have their case reviewed by one of the tumor boards at the JGH, please communicate your interest to your doctor. Your doctor will present your case to the appropriate tumor board to get a second opinion and will subsequently communicate their recommendations to you.

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