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PUBLICATIONS (January – December 2016)

Afilalo, Jonathan

--Drudi LM, Phung K, Ades M, Zuckerman J, Mullie L, Steinmetz OK, Obrand DI, Afilalo J. Psoas Muscle Area Predicts All-Cause Mortality After Endovascular and Open Aortic Aneurysm Repair. Eur J Vasc Endovasc Surg, 2016 Dec;52(6):764-769

--Hummel SL, Alpert CM, Galatas C, Afilalo J. Training Geriatric Cardiologists for an Aging Population: Time to Get Going. Am J Med. 2016 Nov 25. Epub ahead of print

--Zuckerman J, Ades M, Mullie L, Trnkus A, Morin JF, Langlois Y, Ma F, Levental M, Morais JA, Afilalo J. Psoas Muscle Area and Length of Stay in Older Adults Undergoing Cardiac Surgery. Ann Thorac Surg. 2016 Nov 15;223:736-743

--Ferrara F, Rudski LG, Vriz O, Gargani L, Afilalo J, D'Andrea A, D'Alto M, Marra AM, Acri E, Stanziola AA, Ghio S, Cittadini A, Naeije R, Bossone E. Physiologic correlates of tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion in 1168 healthy subjects. Int J Cardiol. 2016 Aug 18;223:736-743

--Arnold SV, Afilalo J, Spertus JA, Tang Y, Baron SJ, Jones PG, Reardon MJ, Yakubov SJ, Adams DH, Cohen DJ; U.S. CoreValve Investigators. Prediction of Poor Outcome after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2016 Oct 25;68(17):1868-1877

--Afilalo J. Conceptual Models of Frailty: The Sarcopenia Phenotype. Can J Cardiol. 2016 Sep;32(9):1051-5

--Hermiller JB Jr, Yakubov SJ, Reardon MJ, Deeb GM, Adams DH, Afilalo J, Huang J, Popma JJ; CoreValve United States Clinical Investigators. Predicting Early and Late Mortality After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2016 Jul 26;68(4):343-52

--Afilalo J, Steele R, Manning WJ, Khabbaz KR, Rudski LG, Langlois Y, Morin JF, Picard MH. Derivation and Validation of Prognosis-Based Age Cutoffs to Define Elderly in Cardiac Surgery. Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. 2016 Jul;9(4):424-31

--Afilalo J, Kim S, O'Brien S, Brennan JM, Edwards FH, Mack MJ, McClurken JB, Cleveland JC Jr, Smith PK, Shahian DM, Alexander KP. Gait Speed and Operative Mortality in Older Adults Following Cardiac Surgery. JAMA Cardiol. 2016 Jun 1;1(3):314-21

--Bibas L, Levi M, Touchette J, Mardigyan V, Bernier M, Essebag V, Afilalo J. Implications of Frailty in Elderly Patients With Electrophysiological Conditions. JACC EP. 2016;2(3):288-294. Epub

--Afilalo J. The Road the Frailty Is Paved With Good Intentions. Circ Cardiovasc Qual Outcomes. 2016 May;9(3):194-6

--Alfredsson J, Stebbins A, Brennan JM, Matsouaka R, Afilalo J, Peterson ED, Vemulapalli S, Rumsfeld JS, Shahian D, Mack MJ, Alexander KP. Gait Speed Predicts 30-Day Mortality Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Results From the Society of Thoracic Surgeons/American College of Cardiology Transcatheter Valve Therapy Registry. Circulation. 2016 Apr 5;133(14):1351-9

--Senaratne JM, Norris CM, Graham MM, Galbraith D, Nagendran J, Freed DH, Afilalo J, Van Diepen S; APPROACH Investigators. Clinical and angiographic outcomes associated with surgical revascularization of angiographically borderline 50-69% coronary artery stenoses. Eur J Cardiothorac Surg. 2016 May;49(5):e112-8

--Mamane S, Mullie L, Piazza N, Martucci G, Morais J, Vigano A, Levental M, Nelson K, Lange R, Afilalo J. Psoas Muscle Area and All-Cause Mortality After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: The Montreal-Munich Study. Can J Cardiol. 2016 Feb;32(2):177-82. Epub 2015 Dec 9

Agulnik, Jason

--Hanna NH, Kaiser R, Sullivan RN, Aren OR, Ahn MJ, Tiangco B, Voccia I, Pawel JV, Kovcin V, Agulnik J,Gaschler-Markefski B, Barrueco J, Sikken P, Schloss C, Kim JH; LUME-Lung 2 Study group. Nintedanib plus pemetrexed versus placebo plus pemetrexed in patients with relapsed or refractory, advanced non-small cell lung cancer (LUME-Lung 2): A randomized, double-blind, phase III trial. Lung Cancer. 2016 Dec;102:65-73

--Melosky B, Agulnik J, Albadine R, Banerji S, Bebb DG, Bethune D, Blais N, Butts C, Cheema P, Cheung P, Cohen V, Deschenes J, Ionescu DN, Juergens R, Kamel-Reid S, Laurie SA, Liu G, Morzycki W, Tsao MS, Xu Z, Hirsh V. Canadian consensus: inhibition of ALK-positive tumours in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer. Curr Oncol. 2016 Jun;23(3):196-200

Alaoui-Jamali, Moulay

--Saad A, Bijian K, Qiu D, da Silva SD, Marques M, Chang CH, Nassour H, Ramotar D, Damaraju S, Mackey J, Bismar T, Witcher M, Alaoui-Jamali MA. Insights into a novel nuclear function for Fascin in the regulation of the amino-acid transporter SLC3A2. Sci Rep. 2016 Nov 7;6:36699

--Nassour H, Wang Z, Saad A, Papaluca A, Brosseau N, Affar el B, Alaoui-Jamali MA, Ramotar D. Peroxiredoxin 1 interacts with and blocks the redox factor APE1 from activating interleukin-8 expression. Sci Rep. 2016 Jul 8;6:29389

--Bakkar A, Alshalalfa M, Petersen LF, Abou-Ouf H, Al-Mami A, Hegazy SA, Feng F, Alhajj R, Bijian K, Alaoui-Jamali MA, Bismar TA. microRNA 338-3p exhibits tumor suppressor role and its down-regulation is associated with adverse clinical outcome in prostate cancer patients. Mol Biol Rep. 2016 Apr;43(4):229-40

--Alaoui-Jamali MA, Wurzba SD, and Bijian K. K. Diversity of growth factor-regulated kinases involved in the DNA damage response and implication for drug resistance. In: DNA Repair in Cancer Therapy, Edited by Mark Kelley and Melissa Fisher, Elsevier Inc., Waltham, MA, 2016

--Kahouli I, Malhotra M, Westfall S, Alaoui-Jamali MA, Prakash S. Design and validation of an orally administrated active L. fermentum-L. acidophilus probiotic formulation using colorectal cancer Apc Min/+ mouse model. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 2016 Mar;101:1999-2019

Assouline, Sarit

--MacDonald D, Prica A., Assouline S, Christofides A, Lawrence T, Sehn LH. Emerging therapies for the treatment of relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma. Curr Oncol. 2016 Dec;23(6):407-17

--Damlaj M, Lipton JH, Assouline S. A safety evaluation of omacetaxine mepesuccinate for the treatment of chronic myeloid leukemia. Expert Opin Drug Saf. 2016:1279-86

--Engel NW, Constantin A, Fowlkes S, Assouline S. Unexpected Success of Watch and Wait Strategy in a Ponatinib-Intolerant Patient With Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. J Oncol Pract. 2016, 12:592-4

--Dupéré-Richer D, Kinal M, Pettersson F, Emond A, Calvo-Vidal MN, Nichol JN, Guilbert C, Plourde D, Klein Oros K, Nielsen TH, Ezponda T, Licht JD, Johnson NA, Assouline S, Cerchietti L, Miller WH Jr, Mann KK. Increased protein processing gene signature in HDACi-resistant cells predicts response to proteasome inhibitors. Leuk Lymphoma. 2017, 58:218-221. (E-pub Mai 17, 2016)

--Assouline SE, Nielsen TH, Yu S, Alcaide M, Chong L, MacDonald D, Tosikyan A, Kukreti V, Kezouh A, Petrogiannis-Haliotis T, Albuquerque M, Fornika D, Alamouti S, Froment R, Greenwood CM, Oros KK, Camglioglu E, Sharma A, Christodoulopoulos R, Rousseau C, Johnson N, Crump M, Morin RD, Mann KK. Phase 2 study of panobinostat with or without rituximab in relapsed diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. Blood. 2016, 128:185-94. (Manuscript with Editorial Comment)

--Lipton JH, Chuah C, Guerci-Bresler A, Rosti G, Simpson D, Assouline S, Etienne G, Nicolini FE, le Coutre P, Clark RE, Stenke L L, Andorsky D, Oehler V, Lustgarten S, Rivera VM, Clackson T, Haluska FG, Baccarani M, Cortes JE, Guilhot F, Hochhaus A, Hughes T, Kantarjian HM, Shah NP, Talpaz M, Deininger MW; EPIC investigators. Ponatinib versus imatinib for newly diagnosed chronic myeloid leukemia: an international, randomised, open-label, phase 3 trial. Lancet Oncol. 2016, 17:612-21

--Assouline S, Buccheri V, Delmer A, Gaidano G, Trneny M, Berthillon N, Brewster M, Catalani O, Li S, McIntyre C, Sayyed P, Badoux X. Pharmacokinetics, safety, and efficacy of subcutaneous versus intravenous rituximab plus chemotherapy as treatment for chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (SAWYER): a phase 1b, open-label, randomised controlled non-inferiority trial. Lancet Haematol. 2016, 3:e128-38

--Reis B, Jukofsky L, Chen G, Martinelli G, Zhong H, So WV, Dickinson MJ, Drummond M, Assouline S, Hashemyan M, Theron M, Blotner S, Lee JH, Kasner M, Yoon SS, Rueger R, Seiter K, Middleton SA, Kelly KR, Vey N, Yee K, Nichols G, Chen LC, Pierceall WE. Acute myeloid leukemia patients' clinical response to idasanutlin (RG7388) is associated with pre-treatment MDM2 protein expression in leukemic blasts. Haematologica. 2016, 101:e185-8

Autexier, Chantal

--Rousseau P, Khondaker S, Zhu S, Lauzon C, Mai S, and Autexier C. 2016. An intact putative mouse telomerase essential N-terminal (TEN) domain is necessary for proper telomere maintenance. Biology of the Cell, 108, 96-112. Epub 2016 Feb 18

--Chu TW, MacNeil D. and Autexier C. 2016. Multiple mechanisms contribute to the cell growth defects imparted by human telomerase insertion in finger domain mutations associated with premature aging diseases. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 291, 8374-8386. Epub 2016 Feb 17

--Chu TW and Autexier C. Telomeres and chromosome stability. 2016. In: The Functional Nucleus. Bazett-Jones DP and Dellaire G, eds. Springer DE Publishers

--MacNeil DE, Bensoussan HJ and Autexier C. 2016. Telomerase Regulation from Beginning to the End. Genes, 7, 1-33

Baron, Murray

--Baron M, Pope J, Robinson D, Jones N, Khalidi N, Docherty P, Kaminska E, Masetto A, Sutton E, Mathieu JP, Ligier S, Grodzicky T, Leclercq S, Thorne C, Gyger G, Smith D, Fortin PR, Larche M, Abu-Hakima M, Rodriguez-Reyna TS, Cabral-Castaneda AR, Fritzler MJ, Wang M, Hudson M. Calcinosis is associated with digital ischaemia in systemic sclerosis-a longitudinal study. Rheumatology (Oxford, England) 2016;55:2148-55

--Wu M, Assassi S, Salazar GA, Pedroza C, Gorlova OY, Chen WV, Charles J, Taing ML, Liao K, Wigley FM, Hummers LK, Shah AA, Hinchcliff M, Khanna D, Schiopu E, Phillips K, Furst DE, Steen V, Baron M, Hudson M, Zhou X, Pope J, Jones N, Docherty P, Khalidi NA, Robinson D, Simms RW, Silver RM, Frech TM, Fessler BJ, Fritzler MJ, Molitor JA, Segal BM, Movahedian M, Martin J, Varga J, Mayes MD. Genetic susceptibility loci of idiopathic interstitial pneumonia do not represent risk for systemic sclerosis: a case control study in Caucasian patients. Arthritis research & therapy 2016;18:20

--Riehm KE, Kwakkenbos L, Carrier ME, Bartlett SJ, Malcarne VL, Mouthon L, Nielson WR, Poiraudeau S, Nielsen K, Baron M, Frech T, Hudson M, Pope J, Sauve M, Suarez-Almazor ME, Wigley FM, Thombs BD. Validation of the Self-Efficacy for Managing Chronic Disease Scale: A Scleroderma Patient-Centered Intervention Network Cohort Study. Arthritis care & research 2016;68:1195-200

--Baron M, Hudson M, Dagenais M,

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