Youth Service

Director: Dr. Michael Bond

Secretary: Maria Gagliardi

Location: ICFP - Room 102.1

How to Reach Us: 514-340-8222 Local 21219

General Information

  • Ages: 15.5 to 22
  • Referrals: CSSS (CLSC) or professionals. Evaluation of patients aged 15.5-22. Patients must have a doctor’s referral. Patients not referred from the JGH Emergency Psychiatry must be referred through the guichet unique of their CSSS.
  • The service offers consultation, individual psychotherapy, pharmacotherapy, and family therapy.
  • When referring a patient from the ER, the patient must call. We do not call patients unless the referring doctor indicates that this is necessary.
  • Family assessments are done as the initial assessment for any referral except when a youth requests to be seen alone. If the referring professional thinks that the individual patient should be assessed alone, this should be stated explicitly, by telephoning Arlene Goldberg.
  • An intake coordinator will call clients on the waiting list to gather information in anticipation of the in-person evaluation.
  • Clients who can benefit from first line services should be treated at their local CLSC or other community resources.

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