Infection Prevention and Control

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In recent years, infection prevention and control (IPAC) of healthcare associated infections have boomed in Quebec. Patients are exposed to a variety of infection risks such as increased invasive procedures and use of complicated devices, broad spectrum antibiotics, inadequate structural facilities that contribute to cramped conditions, rotation of personnel and frequent transfer of patients. At particular risk are immuno-compromised individuals who are incapable of mounting defense mechanisms to overcome the challenge of opportunistic microorganisms. The fight against these infections is complex and requires a multitude of actions as well as the collaboration of many partners. 

IPAC has developed a program that identifies priority activities in keeping with the hospital’s primary missions of patient care, teaching and research.

Priority activities of the program include…

  • Basics in IPAC including hand hygiene and isolation measures
  • Surveillance of hospital acquired infections such as c.difficile
  • Outbreak Management
  • Development of policies, procedures and protocols to standardize practice
  • Consultation
  • Education, training and evaluation of IPAC competencies of staff, patients and visitors
  • Program evaluation
  • Reporting and communication to various internal and external sources
  • Research and development

The IPAC program is based on a partnership between all stakeholders of the organization, but also on the sharing of responsibilities between hospital directors, managers, physicians, professionals and all healthcare workers.  Everyone at the JGH is responsible and accountable for their actions in promoting the prevention and control of hospital acquired infections.

Our vision

The components of the IPAC Program are based on a high level of competency and qualification of the team of experts, committed to the pursuit of excellence. Exploration of new strategies for the prevention and control of hospital acquired infections and the continuous review of best practices for their relevance and expected outcome remain the main concern to guide practice of IPAC.

More specifically our goal is to…

  • Prevent the occurrence and spread of hospital acquired infections in all patients
  • Maximize IPAC competencies for all healthcare workers
  • Improve the quality and safety of care
  • Decrease patient morbidity and mortality related to infections
  • Improve efficiency in managing patient care
  • Reduce the costs associated with the occurrence of hospital acquired infections
  • Be able to cope with the emergence of new infections and the issues that arise

How to reach us

Pavilion G, room G-070
Closest entrance: Cote Ste Catherine Road
Telephone: 514-340-8222 ext. 25778




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