The JGH Radiation Oncology Division has a staff of over 60 highly skilled cancer care professionals including radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, medical physicists, nurses and a number of support staff.

A Radiation Oncologist is a physician specially trained to treat cancer patients using various forms of radiation therapy.

Medical physicists are health care professionals with specialized training in the medical applications of physics.

Radiation oncology nurses are licensed registered nurses or licensed practical nurses. Many registered nurses in radiation therapy have earned additional certification in the specialty of oncology nursing.

Medical dosimetrists carefully calculate the dose of radiation prescribed by a radiation oncologist to make sure tumor sites get the prescribed dosage.

Radiation therapists (a.k.a. as radiation technologists in Quebec) prepare and apply radiation treatments prescribed by the radiation oncologist in order to destroy tumors, while minimizing harm to healthy tissues.

The support staff range includes a Chief Technologist, and Assistant Technologist, Administrative Technicians, Medical Secretaries, receptionists and clerks who handle the day to day functioning of the division.

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