Geriatric Psychiatry

Director: Dr. Marilyn Segal

Location: ICFP - Room 144

To Reach Us: 514-340-8222 Local 27506


1. Community Assessment Team (C.A.T.) / Geriatric Home Care Service

Coordinators Dr. Eric Davis Debbie Luxenberg, RN, B.Sc.N.

  • Team consists of psychiatrist, nurse, and occupational therapist. The staff is available for urgent psychiatric consultation in the patient’s home – 2½ days per week.

2. Geriatric Psychiatric Clinic

  • Appointments are made through clinic secretary.
  • Clinics are held on Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Wednesday morning, Wednesday afternoon, and Friday morning.
  • The Geriatric Psychiatry team is composed of 3 psychiatrists, 1 full-time nurse (35 hours/week), 1 part-time nurse (17.5 hours/week), 1 nursing assistant (14 hours/week), 1 part-time social worker (17.5 hours/week – varies according to needs on 4East), 1 part-time occupational therapist (17.5 hours/week), a neuropsychologist (on a consultation basis), and a recreational therapist.
  • Consultation requests must be signed by a physician, preferably patient’s family physician, in order to assure continuity of care.
  • Criteria: Patients over age of 65 with a geriatric profile.

3. Psychosocial Geriatric Psychiatry Treatment Group

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