Patient Orientation Session

The patient Information Sessions were designed to help you prepare for your care at the Segal Cancer Center’s oncology clinic. These sessions are an important first step in understanding the process you will undertake during your treatment.

The information sessions are mandatory and are offered on a weekly basis by a professional member of the Medical Oncology Division. If you cannot attend, it is strongly encouraged that a family member, friend or caregiver attends in your place.

The Patient’s Information sessions will:

  • Introduce to you the different professionals involved in your care.
  • Provide an overview of the steps involved when undergoing treatment.
  • Provide explanation of the different types of cancer treatments.
  • Offer recommendations on how you can care for yourself during your treatments.
  • Provide a tour of the facility.

The sessions are offered in English and in French

We will be calling you shortly to give you an appointment for the Patient’s Orientation Session.

For any question related to the sessions, please call the following number: 514-340-8222, ext.25529

Booklet : Preparing for your session, click below to view the pamphlet

 Patient Pamphlet

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