Nursing Team

The nursing team under the leadership of Ms. Valerie Schneidman, must be strongly recognized for their devotion and commitment to quality of care in the Emergency Department. This cohesive team of professionals strives to deliver safe and dignified care to all of our patients. As members of the interdisciplinary team, nurses are integral in supporting patients and families during their hospital stay.

With 115 Registered Nurses on staff, this dynamic nursing team takes pride in its ability to provide excellent care to all patients and families in the Emergency Department. Whether in Triage, the Resuscitation Room, stretcher or ambulatory area, the nurses’ skilled and proactive approach expedites treatment through relief of pain and discomfort as quickly as possible. With a number of consultants available (Discharge Planning Nurse, Social Workers and Geriatrics Nurse dedicated to the Department), nurses may collaborate with other experts to ensure a safe and timely discharge from Emergency.

At the Jewish General Hospital, continuing nursing education is highly valued, allowing nurses to truly develop an expertise in Emergency Nursing as they follow a career path from novice to expert. Whether one is a new graduate or an experienced nurse starting in Emergency, each individual will benefit from a specially-tailored, competency-based orientation programme. Even after orientation, nurses have the opportunity to engage in several unit and hospital-based continuing education activites. Staff nurses are encouraged to take leadership in educational activities both on the unit and in the hospital; including teaching classes in Critical Care, mentoring new nurses, as well as providing workshops to Emergency Department nursing colleagues. Clinical updates sent via e-mail help nurses stay current with respect to new practice guidelines. Lastly, nurses in the Emergency Department have the opportunity to attend and present at Emergency and Critical Care conferences at the local, provincial, national and international level.

The Emergency Department nurses contribute to the Jewish General Hospital community in innumerable ways including; volunteering their expertise for the annual Walk for Breast Cancer, Ride to Conquer Cancer and, most recently, relief to victims of the earthquake in Haiti .

Dynamic Registered Nurses interested in challenge and opportunity may contact Ms. Valerie Schneidman at (514) 340-8222 ext. 4672 or

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