Care of the Elderly

The H.F.P.C. physicians and residents are very involved in the care of the elderly, both in the clinic and on the hospital wards. We work closely with the Geriatric Division of the hospital, several nursing homes, and contribute to Home Care programs co-ordinated by the Province of Quebec's CLSC's (Centres Locaux de Services Communautaires). Residents will be assigned elderly patients for whom they will provide home care throughout their residency-training period.

Dr. Michael Dworkind holds conference at Jewish Eldercare Centre during National Nursing Week

Dr. Michael A. Dworkind conducted a conference on "Quality of End of Life Care" at the Jewish Eldercare Centre during National Nursing Week this May. From l to r: Danielle (Danny) Dahan, Jewish Eldercare Foundation Director; Dr. Dworkind; Susan Bloom, Director of Nursing and Specialized Services; Michel Amar, Executive Director. Dr. Dworkind is assistant director of the Herzl Family Practice Centre of the Jewish General Hospital, a consultant in palliative care medicine and chronic pain management, and associate professor of family medicine at McGill University. (Photo: Howard Kay)

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