Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards

The JGH is proud to offer a number of scholarships, bursaries and awards to support and recognize nursing staff who wish to contribute to the nursing community through advanced studies in nursing, innovative projects, and continuing education.

We will help you to achieve your goals by supporting you through flexible scheduling, access to in-house experts and researchers, study days and educational leaves. We know that your commitment will further excellence and leadership in the workplace.

a) Archie Deskin Scholarship

Each year Nurses are invited to submit their candidature for the Archie Deskin Scholarship. This scholarship is offered in honor of Mr. Archie Deskin, who provided many years of excellent leadership to the hospital and community as Executive Director. Mr. Deskin is a strong believer in the benefits of graduate education and he is fully supportive of nurses who wish to improve their leadership capacities through higher education.

We are delighted to have a scholarship in his name and to be able to support dynamic candidates who will continue to provide progressive, creative clinical educational or administrative leadership in our hospital.

The call for applications comes out in July each year. For more information please call Training & Staff Development at 514-340-8222 ext. 5449.

b) Baccalaureate Education Bursary

Nurses who wish to pursue undergraduate studies in nursing or in a related field are encouraged to apply for a Baccalaureate Education Bursary. Courses given in any institution recognized by the Quebec Ministry of Education or the Ministry of Advanced Education and Science are eligible and must take place outside working hours.

Accepted candidates will be reimbursed for tuition fees for a maximum of two courses ($250 each) upon successful completion of the course. Priority is given to those Nurses who have not received a bursary in the past two years.

For further information and applications, call or drop by Training & Staff Development, local 5449, Room B-102.

c) CNA Certification Bursary and Gustav Levinschi Scholarship

The Canadian Nurses’ Association certification program is an opportunity for Nurses who wish to be recognized for their knowledge in a specialized area. The program involves self-study based on a recommended reading list, followed by a certification exam.

The JGH is pleased to offer bursaries for Nurses who wish to write a CNA certification exam. The bursary covers the cost of the exam and two study days and is available to Nurses working in their specialty for a minimum of two years. Consultation and support is available from previous CNA scholars. As well, many study groups will help you prepare for the exam and flexible scheduling will help maximize your preparation.

Candidates who successfully complete the exam are eligible for the Gustav Levinschi Scholarship.

JGH Nurses have earned certifications in the following areas: perinatal, neurology, oncology, hospice-palliative care, critical care, emergency, nephrology, gerontology, perioperative, and cardiovascular nursing.

The JGH recently received the  Canadian Nurses’ Association Employer Recognition Award 2010 in hounour of our commitment to the CNA certification program. We are proud of this award and will continue to provide ongoing support for Nurses who wish to undertake this exciting challenge.

For further information and applications, call or drop by Training & Staff Development, local 5449, Room B-102.

d) Council of Nurses Innovation Challenge Award

The Jewish General Hospital’s Nursing Department recognizes that many steps are taken at the bedside to address patient safety on a daily basis. These issues are identified primarily by nursing staff with expertise in bedside care. Once a safety issue has been identified, innovative ideas and solutions are generated by a team of Nurse Managers, Educators, Clinical Nurse Specialists and Staff Nurses. The Council of Nurses, with the support of the Nursing Department, has developed a program where these ideas are developed into project proposals that are entered into a competition.

The Innovation Project Program was developed by members of the Council of Nurses in 2008 to promote the development of patient safety initiatives. Prizes are awarded based on various criteria such as relevance to patient safety, feasibility, and creativity. Project proposals undergo peer-review, and the top three are awarded funds to support the implementation of the project.

e) Nursing Excellence Award

The Nursing Excellence Award is presented to a member of the Department of Nursing who serves as a model for others by demonstrating outstanding leadership, excellence in patient care, and strong nursing knowledge. Candidates are recognized for their contributions to the Nursing Department and to the profession as a whole. This prestigious award is presented during the hospital’s Annual General Meeting each fall.

f) Nursing Poster Presentation Prize

During Nurses’ Week in May, Nurses are encouraged to present academic posters and share their work with colleagues. A morning is devoted to the poster display, refreshments are served, and prizes are awarded for the top three posters.

g) Caring Beyond Award

The Caring Beyond Award is given to a JGH staff member who has demonstrated extraordinary acts of kindness and compassion towards patients and their families and who has gone that “extra mile”.

JGH staff members, patients and their relatives, as well as other members of the public, are invited to nominate any JGH staff member.

An initiative of the Humanization of Care Committee.

h) Sally Sperry Award

Sally Sperry, a longstanding member of the JGH Nursing Department, was a pioneer in sterilization and disinfection in Canada. As head of the Central Sterilization Department, Ms. Sperry was well recognized for her leadership in the hospital and across Canada for developing sterilization standards.

Recognizing the important role nurses play, the Sally Sperry award is presented to a Nurse who has made an outstanding contribution to patient safety through infection prevention and control initiatives. In addition, IPC awards are also given annually to nursing units and other departments who have excelled in infection prevention and control.

i) Francine Walsh Award for Excellence in Critical Care Nursing

Francine Walsh, a JGH ICU nurse, was passionnate about Critical Care Nursing. She came to the ICU with experience in northern and community nursing and rapidly became a critical care nursing expert. Patients and families under her care received attentive and compassionate care while colleagues from all disciplines benefitted from her calm and supportive approach. She continued to provide quality care and leadership throughout a courageous battle with cancer. This inspired the ICU team to establish an award of excellence in Critical Care Nursing in her name, of which she was the first recipient in 1994. Year after year, this award is given to a nurse who has been voted by her colleagues as demonstrating excellence in Critical Care Nursing.

j) Melanie David ICU Leadership Award

Melanie David was the assistant-head nurse on evenings at the JGH ICU for 31years. A pillar of strength in the ICU, Melanie was highly respected and valued for her contribution to the opening of the JGH ICU and the development of the cardiac surgery program, as well as the expert care she provided to thousands and thousands of patients and families.

Initiated in 2009, this award is presented to a member of the ICU team that has made an outstanding leadership contribution to the ICU.

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