From left to right: Renata Benc B.A., M.Sc.N, Vijit You, B.Sc.N, Line Bourgeois B.Sc.N, M.Sc.N, Judy Bridgewater François B.Sc.N, CON(C) Not pictured: Thi Huoang, CON(C)

The Radiation Oncology division includes Primary Nurses and a Clinical Nurse Specialist.

Primary nurses follow patients and their families during the patient’s cancer preparation phase, treatment, and during recovery from radiation therapy side effects. They offer early identification and management of medical and psychosocial concerns, in-depth teaching and support, and personalized care for patients and their families. Patients can call them or can consult with them in person.

Their expertise lies in the management of radiation therapy side effects and patients and their family concerns throughout the radiation therapy process. Primary nurses work closely with a patient’s nurse pivot (IPO), the interdisciplinary team with the division of radiation oncology as well as the cancer care teams within the Segal Cancer Center of the JGH in order to provide the best possible care for patients and their families.

The radiation oncology division also is also comprised of a Clinical Nurse Specialist, who in addition to the functions of a primary nurse, also acts as a resource person for primary nurses, the nurse pivot (IPO), nurses on in-patient units and in the community. She also provides teaching sessions for these nurses on patient care during external therapy or brachytherapy. The clinical nurse specialist also mentors nursing students at the undergraduate and graduate levels from McGill University.

In addition to being actively involved in several research projects in the radiation-oncology division, she takes part in development of policy and procedures within division and at the hospital level.

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