In-Patient Services

Location: Pavillion B - 3rd floor - 3755 Côte-Saint-Catherine Road

The Mental Health and Addiction Unit (Inpatient Psychiatry Unit – 3B) is an acute-care facility, in which client care is based in-part on the recovery approach.

On the inpatient unit, occupational therapists play an important role in the assessment of client’s functioning and behaviour over the course of their hospital stay. This is achieved through the use of:

  • formal and informal interviews
  • questionnaires
  • functional assessments
  • therapeutic activities
  • discussion groups
  • and home visits, occasionally.

Occupational therapists are significantly involved in helping stabilize clients by use of a structured therapeutic environment and the introduction of a healthy and balanced daily routine. Specific objectives are identified for each client in collaboration with the individual and the interdisciplinary team. 

Finally, occupational therapists help prepare clients for discharge by recommending appropriate living situations, connecting clients with community services, helping clients establish a balanced occupational routine and apply coping strategies, and promoting the continuity of the recovery process by liaising with the outpatient treating team.

Please refer to the attached  pamphlet for more information and a description of the specific groups offered on the inpatient unit.

Examples of Multi-step structured activities during an occupational therapy session

Examples of cognitive-based therapeutic activities during an occupational therapy session

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