Nada Tomic

Nada Tomic, M.Sc., MCCPM

Nada Tomic comes to the JGH with an impressive background. She started her career as a Research Assistant at several distinguished universities including the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University, where she also completed her Master’s Degree in Medical Physics.

Research Topics

CBCT in image guided radiation therapy
PET in radiation therapy
Gafchromic film dosimetry


Medical Physics Residency, Department of Medical Physics -
McGill University, Montréal, Québec, Canada, 2006
M.Sc., Medical Physics, McGill University, Montréal, Québec, 2004
M.Sc., Physics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1996
B.Sc., Physics, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, 1992

Recent Publications

Di Lillo F, Mettivier G, Sarno A, Tromba G, Tomic N, Devic S, Russo P. " Energy dependent calibration of XR-QA2 radiochromic film with monochromatic and polychromatic x-ray beams," Med. Phys. 43, 583 (2016)

Tomic N, Bekerat H, Seuntjens J, Forghani R, DeBlois F, Devic S. " Improving Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Using Dual Energy Computed Tomography Based Tissue Characterization," Med. Phys. 43, 3554 (2016).

Tomic N, Bekerat H, DeBlois F, Seuntjens J, Forghani R, Devic S. EP-1827: " Dual energy Computed Tomography based tissue characterisation for Radiotherapy treatment planning", Radiotherapy and Oncology, Volume 119, Supplement 1, April 2016, Page S857

Devic S, Tomic N, Faria S, Menard S, Lisbona R, Lehnert S.  Defining Radiotherapy Target Volumes Using 18F-Fluoro-Deoxy-Glucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography: Still a Pandora's Box?, International Journal of Radiation Oncology Biology Physics, in press (2010)

Tomic N, Devic S, DeBlois F, Seuntjens J.  Reference radiochromic film dosimetry in kilovoltage photon beams during CBCT image acquisition, Medical Physics 37, March 2010, Volume 3, Pages 1083-1091

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