Hope & Cope Research Program


Hope & Cope Research Program

Hope & Cope has long integrated research and critical evaluation into its daily operations, and since its opening in 2007, the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre has been the focal point for its research activities. The emphasis is on psycho-oncology research including, but not limited to, the concepts of volunteerism, survivorship, therapeutic interventions, exercise and fitness, evaluation and bereavement. The Wellness Centre provides a unique opportunity not only for evidence-based practice but also for advancing the research in this area. Hope & Cope’s goal is to integrate wellness and cancer recovery programs as part of standard care and they validate this particular approach through their research. The main researchers on the team are Dr. Tanya Fitzpatrick (Research Director), Mary Ann Dalzell, Dr. Linda Edgar and Jean Remmer. There are also research assistants and volunteers who assist on many of their projects, as well as Master’s and Doctoral students who utilize the Centre for their studies. The Hope & Cope research team has also been forging collaborations with researchers at the Jewish General Hospital and McGill University as well as with other local, provincial, national and international researchers.

Research Initiatives

Tanya Fitzpatrick, PhD, MSW, RN
• Volunteering and Risk Management at Hope & Cope.
• The Effect of Social Work Interventions on Caregiver Strain among Terminally Ill and Cancer Family Members.
• Research project focusing on health outcomes among cancer survivors from multi-ethnic and vulnerable groups.
• Collaborator on a grant proposal entitled “Helping Family Caregivers of Palliative Care Patients to Provide Care and Maintain Their Health.
• Exercise and Fitness Activities and Cognitive Health among Older Cancer Survivors.
• The Infrequent Attendance and Non-attendance of Hope & Cope Wellness-Centre Registrants.
Mary-Ann Dalzell, MSc, Pht
• The impact of exercise and lifestyle coaching on physical activity and fatigue on the activities of daily living.
Jean Remmer, MSW and Linda Edgar, PhD, RN
• The Wellness Study
• Wellness Centre Data Base 
• Jean Remmer has focused on the management of human resources related to exercise interventions including on-going needs assessments, training programs and reassessments. 
• Coping Skills Training
Scott Adams, MSc
• The Impact of Chemotherapy on Autonomic Nervous System Function and Cardiovascular Activity in Young Adults with Cancer

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