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"Living with Glaucoma" DVD

"I Have Glaucoma" DVD

To our patients

We hope this video will help you better understand glaucoma and how important it is to take glaucoma medication in order to control this disease.

To health-care professionals

Our new DVD ''I Have Glaucoma'' is now available.

In clear language with photographs and illustrations, the presenters Doctor Oscar Kasner and nurse Carole Desharnais guide patients through the world of the eye and glaucoma, insisting on good patient-doctor communication and compliance.

This new learning tool on glaucoma is ideal for your waiting room or to complement public presentations, is offered free of charge via different pharmaceutical representatives or this website to health-care professionnals. We are aiming for Canada-wide distribution and we will consider all international demands as well.

I want to warmly thank our sponsors: Alcon, Allergan, Merck-Frosst and Pfizer and their representatives who all made this happen.

Thank you to our star presenters Oscar Kasner and Carole Desharnais. Doctor Shawn Cohen, Jean Marcotte, photographer and Orit Misrachi, web and digital media specialist, Public Affairs and Communications, Jewish general hospital.

For the team,

Marc Renaud, Project manager with Dr. Oscar Kasner and Nurse Carole Desharnais, presenters

A McGill Glaucoma Information Centre production

Educational DVD in Creole

"I have Glaucoma" video

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