New Discoveries: Auxiliary Tray

Recently, the JGH Archives has had the opportunity to arrange and describe a tray of unorganized photographs, donated by the Auxiliary and held untouched for years. This has been made possible by the help of our current intern, from McGill University’s Master of Library and Information Studies program, Manda Haligowski. The tray documents the efforts and activities of the Auxiliary (initially the Women’s Auxiliary), dating from the 1930s to mid-2000s. While this tray mainly includes photographs of events (galas, luncheons, anniversaries, etc.); Presidents, members and volunteers; coffee, floral, used clothing and gift shops; and even photographs of the initial Hospital building being constructed, other items found within it were news clippings, correspondence and scrapbook pages. The Archives is excited to share our recent findings of Auxiliary history.

To accompany our online exhibit there will be a physical display within the Hospital’s Library and Main Lobby.

More historical information can be found in a retrospective exhibition that the Archives created during the 75th anniversary of The Auxiliary in 2011.
Part 2/2

Historical Photos, 1931 - 1948

Auxiliary Services and Programs, predominantly 1950s - 1960s

Auxiliary Donations and Fundraising, 1957-1998

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