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The Jewish General Hospital (JGH) opened its doors on Oct. 8, 1934. Founded on Jewish values that include reverence for life and willingness to help those in need, the hospital prides itself on the care that it provides to patients of all backgrounds. Born into the Great Depression of the 1930s, the JGH has grown from a humble community hospital into one of Quebec’s largest and busiest acute-care institutions. Today, as it relies on extensive inter-disciplinary cooperation to deliver excellence in patient care, teaching and research, the JGH is striving to become even more patient-centred by providing care of superior quality in a safe and compassionate manner. At the same time, as a McGill University teaching hospital, the JGH continues to foster health-sciences education and innovations with greater efficiency and reduced costs.

On the JGH's 80th birthday, it is with great pride that the JGH Archives present this exhibit that features some most exciting JGH initiatives of the past five years, a continuation of the 2009 historical exhibit commemorating the 75th anniversary. The highlighted initiatives are presented in the following categories:

  • In Pursuit of the Exceptional Patient Experience
  • Patient Care
  • Partnerships to Improve Patient Care
  • JGH Expansion
  • Transformational Change Program
  • Healthy Organization Program (exclusively available in the virtual exhibit)
  • Community Events
  • Awards & Recognition

This virtual exhibit is prepared to accompany and enhance its physical counterpart which is accessible in the main lobby of the hospital till the end of 2014, in order to reach a wider audience and to offer better views for some materials, especially multi-page documents. The physical exhibit is comprised of a wall-sized poster (8 ft x10 ft in dimension) and three display cases showcasing selected photographs, documents and memorabilia from the contributing departments and programs.

We invite you to visit this exhibit and join us in celebrating the hospital's 80th anniversary!

Part 2/8 - 8/8

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