Happy 50th Anniversary to the Child Psychiatry!

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the JGH Division of Child Psychiatry, the JGH Historical Archives, in collaboration with the Child Psychiatry Division, and the support from Ms. Teodora Constantinescu, librarian at the ICFP, is presenting an exhibition which illustrates the evolution of the Division through photos and textual materials contributed by its staff members. Visitors are welcome to browse the exhibit in the galleries below. Physical exhibitions are displayed in the main lobby of the hospital as well as the JGH Health Sciences Library, Pavilion A, room 200, starting in November 2017.


The JGH Division of Child Psychiatry has been providing care for children and families since 1967. Starting with a small in-patient unit and a Day Hospital, clinical programs have evolved throughout the years to include a Day Hospital, Evening Hospital and Outpatient services for children 2-15 years old.

In 2017, the division treats an average of 400 children and their families in a year. Children come from a large territory determined by English School boards, and present with a broad range of issues relating to maturational, behavioral, or emotional disturbances, or having experienced emotional trauma. Clinical programs provide multidisciplinary, multi-modal treatments including psychological, psychosocial, and psycho-pharmacological interventions. Family commitment and participation are mandatory components of the program.

The program’s approach is unique in Canada in its innovative treatment of children within their family system and community. Children in the Day Hospital typically spend one academic year in treatment, and receive specialized academic teaching aimed at their gradual reintegration in the community school, with psycho-social support.

This innovative approach led the Child Psychiatry division at JGH to be, since its inception, a sought after training and teaching site for McGill residents and students from several Montreal universities and CEGEPs. Equally, the JGH Child psychiatry division has been a fertile ground for research with strong anchors in psycho-social, trans-cultural psychiatry and, more recently, epigenetics.


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